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so what's new?
well, a friend has recenlty passed away.
on 8/21 Ben was in a fatal accident.
what is there to say about him?
he was a good friend that always had away an interesting way of handling people. he could make anyway feel comfortable around him and was always a good time. not one to talk or say much, but when he did he always revealed an interesting perspective on things.

we never know when are time is up. i just can't believe he's really gone. i'm not going to be able to make his funeral since it's just way to far to go to, i was going to take a train and bus but it's pretty much in the middle of knowhere on the beach.

it hasn't really hit me that he's gone, just a few days ago i was having fun visiting family--talking and living without a care in the world. and as soon as i comeback this is what i find out.

for the longest time i have had no fear of death almost to the point where some of my friends say that i almost seem to welcome and taunt it. and i guess in some senses i do, but i also guess i partly prefer to remain optimistic about the terrors and evils of the world. i remain blissful to many things and undecisive to even more things, but when people that seemingly deserve to live are suddenly taken... it just tends to make things seem so unfair.

i'm not one to open up and even when i'm serious i still have this smile and humor that makes me seem a little oblivious to any real or serious conversation. so i've decided just to write this little journal to help me cope and realize my friends death and to just find something to vent out my frustrations.

i don't expect any responses to this more like i expect people to just do what it is they do, live.
to do everything they can in life, to live without regrets, the only things you should ever regret are the things you haven't done. maybe i should be taking this advice myself, and i'll try, maybe it will give me a better perspective on looking at the mystery of life.

well, cheers Ben :lolly:

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fernnifer Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
:hug: thanks for the favorite!!
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Check your notes on this acct PatA :)
keine-lust-modo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2006
hi :D
RhoadesAsylum Featured By Owner May 11, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I owe you so many myspace messages...
I'm so horrible at getting back to those things...
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thanks for faving membunuh cinta....
really appreciate it...
Kutsche Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for :+fav:ing my daily deviation picture


this is incredible motivating for uploading artworx here!

I like your pics, too. Especially "ayu ham" is very interesting!

greets Andre
Trueno Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005
Paul: I just want to capture what's real and honest.
Marlene: And what if it's boring?

from the movie: CQ (2001)
sepultura-fs Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005
what??! I somehow messed up my last 'thought.' It disappeared. My lack of knowledge on computers never ceases to FRUSTRATE me. Oh well.

Yes, metroid prime is most addicting. I prefer the gamecube version rather than the NES version because I'm better at the former. haha. The NES version is harder for me. Although, I must admit it is a good game.

My lack of writing recently is very diappointing. Reality (the knowledge that my parents are moving to CA, knowing I'm going to have to provide for Myself) has been kicking my behind constantly since early Jan. I got a job now so I've been busy. My counterpart (ze boyfriend) and I have also been hanging around which has done nothing for my writing. It's really quite sad. Perhaps when I really know the meaning of 'Poor' I'll be more inclined to write...although, giving up most of my material possessions does not sound bad to me at all. haha.

How's your art going?
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